Panel Information

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This page was made for PanelForge v1. Some details may be incomplete or have changed when referring to PanelForge v2.

The 'Panel Information' palette provides the functionality to edit the primary selected Panel name, Panel overlays text and note text.


More details on the display of the panel text overlays is coved in the Canvas documentation page. Details on the display style settings of the panel overlay text is covered in the Project View Settings documentation page.

Panel name is an editable text entry of the current panel's label. When the panel name is edited a dialog box is displayed to confirm to save the panel file at its new location.

Panel Text Type combo box is provided to select between panel text that can be edited in the palettes main text entry. The following panel text types can be edited:

  • Action text overlay: Describes the movement of characters and props in a Panel.
  • Dialogue text overlay: Speech of the Panel's characters.
  • Camera text overlay: Setup and movement of the Panel's camera view.
  • Note text: Addition information about a Panel.