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The Canvas element of a Panel provides 2D bitmap image editing functionality. This element with the Stage constitute the two main graphics creation interfaces that PanelForge provides.

PanelForge’s objective is to provide an intuitive working environment. To achieve this goal the interface and tools provided are similar to other Raster Graphics Editors.

The output canvas bitmap image itself consists of multiple stacked image layers composited together. Each layer image can be near infinite pixels in width and height (constrained by the computer system resources) extending in both positive and negative directions. Internally layer images are stored as small image tiles for optimisation of computer resources allowing use of many sparsely filled layers.

Although the canvas has no constrained pixel area (see above description) an arbitrary canvas pixel width and height is set to provide a defined output area for a Panel. This pixel resolution is set throughout a Project in the New Project dialog window when a Project is created.

Palette Windows that are specific for use with the Canvas are the following:

In addition to the above palette windows the following are also shown in the default Canvas Workspace: