What is PanelForge and Why

From PanelForge 1.x Documentation

PanelForge is the a Drawing, 3D Layout, Storyboard and Animatic production software tailored for the pre-production needs of a modern animation production facility.

PanelForge builds on the traditional idea of series of illustrations know as ‘Panels’ to map out animated sequence which can be formed into a traditional ’Storyboard’ or ‘Animatic’.

With PanelForge this process can be more deeply integrated into the production pipeline allowing a more efficient workflow reducing overhead due to errors and duplicated tasks.

A PanelForge project consists of a timeline of storyboard Panel elements that combine a 2D bitmap drawing Canvas workspace and a 3D object layout workspace.

The use of the 3D object layout workspace can greatly assist with the speed and accuracy of ‘Panel’ creation with the benefit of creating valuable addition data for use elsewhere in a 3D animation production.

With the power of PanelForge a 3D layout environment can be constructed with 3D geometry ranging from full production assets to simple proxy assets and built in geometry primitives. Using a 3D layout as a Panel’s basis the guesswork of the character and prop placement in addition to possible camera setup can be eliminated.

With this 3D layout data available to other artists in a production environment the vision of the PanelForge artist can be more closely and efficiently translated to the finished animation.

The traditional 2D bitmap drawing workspace provides an efficient and familiar interface to quickly supplement the 3D layout output or to be used independently.