Set Panel Names

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This small floating window can be used to quickly adjust the naming of selected Panels.


PanelForge provides fully custom Panel Naming always giving you powerful full control over the naming of Panels. As Panels are reordered, added and removed the surrounding Panels may need to be renamed, the tools in this window allow for multiple Panels to be renamed fast.

Decrement/Increment Name

This section contains buttons that will increase or decrease the numbering of all the selected Panels.

Set Panel Value

This section’s buttons will set all the selected Panels to have a specified number.

Panel Sequence Name

Using this button all the selected Panels names will have their Panel number replaced in an incrementing sequence.

The number that the incrementing sequence starts at can be adjusted with the ‘Start’ value.

Checking the ‘Per Shot’ checkbox will reset the sequence start number for the selected Panels in each Shot.