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PanelForge 2.0.33:

  • Import multiple selected Panels and Layers with 'Asset' Palette 'Add' button
  • Allow Export to blank Directory field in 'Export' dialog window.
  • STUDIO: 24-hour license grace period when no Internet connection present.
  • WINDOWS: Remove 'Windows 7' references from Welcome Wizard.
  • Fix: Issue when importing 'Panel' assets from 'Asset' Palette (regression in 2.0.32).
  • Fix: Possible visible artefacts when in Canvas view when Transforming multiple Layers.
  • Fix: More minor fixes/tweaks.

PanelForge 2.0.32:

  • Live preview during Canvas 'Effects' settings dialog window adjustments.
  • Canvas 'Effects' now apply to all selected Canvas Layers.
  • 'Rotate' mode in Canvas 'Hand' tool.
  • 'Skew Mode' in Canvas 'Distort Transform' tool.
  • Improved numeric inputs in Stage Attributes/Material Editor Palettes.
  • Drag toggle multiple visibility/locked items in Stage Outliner Palette.
  • Addition 'Full Page' PDF file export template.
  • Custom logo banner image with PDF file export.
  • Skip zero duration panels during Image Sequence Export option.
  • Increase maximum Undo and Max open Panels options in preferences.
  • Shift key modifier snaps in Canvas 'Move' tool like 'Free Transform' tool,
  • Add increased 'Undo levels' and 'Open Panel' cache amounts in Application Preferences.
  • Show/Hide Canvas guides keyboard shortcuts.
  • Additional 'Help' button links to online documentation in most dialog windows.
  • STUDIO: Improve license server connection failure UI feedback and retry options.
  • Fix: Possible memory issues with PDF file export.
  • Fix: Stage tool manipulator position not instantly updating with some tool options.
  • Fix: Escape key shortcut out of canvas transform tool, not updating viewport.
  • Fix: Edge pixel clipping during Canvas 'Free/Distort Transform' tools.
  • Fix: WINDOWS: Possible graphical artefacts in Canvas viewports with some GPUs.
  • Fix: Many more minor fixes/tweaks!

PanelForge 2.0.31:

  • Switch to 'Cubeb' for audio playback.
  • Multiple Audio Clip Selection in Panel Timeline view.
  • Double Click Audio Track to select all Clips in Panel Timeline view.
  • Double Click Audio Track Label to adjust Clip-Info in Panel Timeline view.
  • Drag & Drop copy multiple Panels to Assets Palette.
  • Fix: All clip Audio waveforms may not display in Panel Timeline view on the first load.
  • STUDIO: Improve license activation/deactivation process.
  • WINDOWS: Renewed Code Signing.
  • WINDOWS: Warning when not run on Windows 10.
  • MAYA: Include Maya 2020 Windows/Linux PFE geometry Import/Export Plugin.
  • MAYA: Various tweaks to PanelForge Maya Python script.
  • Minor Fixes and Tweaks.
  • More Documentation/ToolTip improvements.
  • Improved analytics.

PanelForge 2.0.30:

  • Remove unnecessary screen redraws with Canvas selection tools.
  • Fix: Canvas 'Quick' brush shortcuts would reset to defaults on relaunch.
  • Fix: Canvas 'Quick' brush not saving correctly.
  • Fix: Panel Timeline current time's frame could be inaccurate
  • Fix: Duplicated Panels didn't copy timing duration.
  • Fix: Possible issue when checking when for valid GPU on launch.
  • Fix: Project file names substitute unsupported characters.
  • WINDOWS: Fix: Keyboard Shortcuts not responding during tablet interaction on some systems.
  • Minor Fixes and Tweaks.
  • More Documentation improvements.
  • Improved analytics.

PanelForge 2.0.29:

  • Track Stage Object Functions.
  • Multithread all Canvas Effects.
  • New 'Radial Blur' Canvas Effect (Replaces 'Zoom Blur).
  • Tween Stage Object 'Ignore Camera Roll' option.
  • Stage 'Remove View Roll' Function.
  • Improved Panel/Project saving Error/Warning Dialog display.
  • Product Update Information Dialog Window.
  • Initial 'Countly' Analytics Integration.
  • MAC: Distribute as single application file instead of a disk image.
  • MAC: Show License Accept on first open.
  • MAC: Use 'PLCrashReporter/' Crash Logging instead 'HockeySDK'.
  • MAC: Support macOS 10.15 'Catalina' new (non-legacy App) security requirements.
  • Fix: Various minor instability issues.
  • Preference '3DS Object file import scale' now '1.0' (previously '2.0') for new installs.
  • Additional Minor tweaks, bug fixes, and code improvements.
  • More Documentation improvements.

PanelForge 2.0.28:

  • Fix: Minor asset naming regresion intoduced in 2.0.27

PanelForge 2.0.27:

  • License Activation deactivation functionality.
  • Merge Stage Asset Geometry on import option.
  • Add maximum layer warning for 'Studio' tier (currently 64).
  • WINDOWS: Crash reporter detects 'unexpected quitting'.
  • Fix: Layer amount restriction (now doubles the previous maximum).
  • Fix: Alembic Exporting with non-unique Stage object names.
  • Fix: Canvas Translate/Transform tool with stylus inaccuracies.
  • Additional Minor tweak and minor bug fixes.

PanelForge 2.0.26:

  • New Stage object Tweening rotation algorithm (the new default).
  • Updated Intel Integrated Performace Primitives to 2018 r4.
  • WINDOWS: Intel modified 'zlib' now compatible with crash logging.
  • Timestamps use 'Frames per second' instead of 'milliseconds' for smallest digits.
  • Docs: Various additions.
  • Additional minor tweak and bug fixes.

PanelForge 2.0.25:

  • Improve auto-activation dialog window (Studio Only).
  • Separate OpenGL and GLSL version startup check.
  • Trigger crash reporter during a wider range of critical exceptions.
  • Fix: Canvas View Graphics corruption issue on some Intel GPUs.
  • Fix: Canvas View Graphics corruption using transform tools with active Canvas selection.
  • Fix: Canvas View Graphics corruption using eraser via the stylus eraser tip.
  • Fix: Needing to enter a serial number twice (2.0.24 regression) (Studio Only).
  • Fix: Canvas Distort transform tool handle area with custom scale preference.
  • Fix: Possible not loading default workspace layout on first load (2.0.24 regression) (Studio Only).
  • Docs: Various additional diagrams.
  • Additional Minor tweaks.

PanelForge 2.0.24 (Studio only):

  • First version of Studio License portal
  • Software activation via license portal account.
  • 'Shift key' snapping of Clips in Timeline view.
  • Fix: Canvas Transform Tool 'Switch to previous tool on complete'.

PanelForge 2.0.23 (Pro only):

  • Fix: Audio clip volume used in Video Export.
  • Various other tweaks and minor fixes.

PanelForge 2.0.22 (Studio only):

  • First pass of new License entry dialog window.
  • New links to 'Example Project' download page in help menu and windows.
  • Previous export file type settings are saved in user preferences.
  • Fix: Photoshop 'ABR' brush import broken in 2.0.21.
  • Fix: Cancel Brush Texture file import issue introduced in 2.0.21.
  • Other tweaks and minor fixes.

PanelForge 2.0.21a:

  • Completely rewritten Brush Preset Palette.
  • Brush Preset Folders.
  • Improved shortcut key handling.
  • Many, Many tweaks and minor fixes.

PanelForge 2.0.20:

  • Brush Presets now saved in CBOR file Format.
  • Brush texture duplicates are shared between brushes.
  • Custom CBOR file streaming functionality.
  • Fix: Canvas Layer Palette Layer Label change redraw sometimes fails.
  • Fix: Panel File Import and project merge broken.
  • Fix: Canvas Layers dropped to other Panel loose correct order.
  • Fix: Canvas Brush Texture overlay sometimes cropped.
  • Fix: Canvas Brush preview rotates with canvas view rotation.
  • Fix: Canvas Brush preview updates correctly when size is adjusted with shortcut keys.

PanelForge 2.0.19:

  • Alembic Export.
  • More and improved ToolTips.
  • Use double sided geometry with Stage light shadow maps.
  • Restore (and improve) 'regenerate' Stage Layer functionality.
  • Use Visibility property on Stage Alembic geometry import.
  • Fix: Deleting multiple Canvas layers possibly cause issue.
  • Fix: Possible black artifacts in Stage High Quality with scaled geometry.
  • MAYA: Importer script - Prefix invalid Maya named objects starting with number.
  • MAYA: Importer script - macOS find default plugin/primitives install location.
  • MAYA: Importer script - On Windows finds new v2 install location.
  • MAYA: macOS Maya 2018 'PFE' plugin.

PanelForge 2.0.18:

  • WINDOWS: Use Nvidia/AMD GPU by default for Laptop/Tablets where Intel graphics are also available.
  • WINDOWS: Installer includes Visual C++ 2013 redistribution
  • Timeline 'Scrub' in Stage Viewport now sets current Panel.
  • Replace playback 'Stop' UI references with more accurate 'Pause'.
  • Add Existing Canvas View Rotate options to Canvas Menu with Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Add Existing Playback options to Project Menu with Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Wider Asset and Thumbnail Palette Scroll Bars.
  • Tweak Welcome Wizard.
  • Fix: Links do not in work in Welcome Wizard
  • Fix: Incorrect brush preview angle with tilt active in Brush Presets Palette.

With PanelForge version 2.0.17 and earlier changes were not public.