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This page is early work in progress draft. Information may be incorrect or incomplete.

See the reference details in the Export window documentation.

Exporting an image sequence will make a folder with all panels created in Panelforge as separate images. This allows the images to be played in sequence outside of the program and to be used by an editor to create an animatic.

As shown above, there's a lot of options available when exporting to best cater to what information you need to share.

Prefix filenames with a sequence position

Hopefully your storyboard will be named correctly, however, there may be times where you're exporting out something rough or a board that is correct in how its sequenced in the PF timeline but not in the naming conventions appear. this is where the prefix comes in. If you tick this, it'll create a number in front of your panel names from 01- whatever you need.

Guides are helpful that can be exported out with the panel. Overlays are information that may be needed by the editor/director to make sense of the panels. For what information they need, please contact whomever your working with.