Export Alembic

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The 'Alembic' tab of the Export dialog window provides the options to export the Projects Panel's Stage elements as an animated 3D geometry cache. Any 3D geometry assets are baked into the single cache file. Where Stage objects exist over multiple Panels in sequence these elements will be animated in the exported geometry cache file.


Supported Features

Not all third party applications have support for importing some data provided in Alembic cache files exported with PanelForge.

The following table shows some data elements exported by PanelForge and if can be correctly read in common third-party software:

Camera Transform Camera Settings Object Transform Object Visibility
Maya 2018
Blender 2.80 X X
Cinema4D r20

File Type

PanelForge can export using both the 'Ogawa' (Default) and the 'HDF5' (Legacy) Alembic compression formats. The 'Ogawa' format should be used where supported, but some older version of third-party software may only support 'HDFS' format.

Export Panel Camera

Whether to export the Stage 'Panel Camera' in Alembic animation cache.

Visibility 'Zero Scale' Workaround

A workaround for software which does not support the import of the 'object visibility' attribute (see above). The Object scale will instead be animated to zero, in effect hiding the object from view.