Stage Menu

From PanelForge 3 Documentation

Follows is a description of the items and functionality provided in the PanelForge ‘Stage’ main menu bar menu:

Show Stage
Tools -> Select (H)
Tools -> Move (Z)
Tools -> Rotate (B)
Tools -> Scale (E)
Tools -> Move Pivot (G)
Tools -> Magic Transform (I)
View Camera -> Panel Camera (1)
View Camera -> Edit Camera (2)
View Camera -> Front Camera (3)
View Camera -> Top Camera (4)
View Camera -> Left Camera (5)
View Quality -> BoundingBox Quality (7)
View Quality -> Wireframe Quality (8)
View Quality -> Fast Quality (9)
View Quality -> High Quality (0)
Reset View
Fit View to All (A)
Fit View to Selected (F)
Centre Model Pivot
Reset Model Transform
Tween Object...
Duplicate Object(s) (Ctrl Shift D)
Group Object(s) (Ctrl G)
Ungroup Object(s) (Ctrl Shift G)
Materials -> New Material
Materials -> Delete Selected Material
Materials -> Assign Selected Material to Selected Model(s)
Materials -> Select Material from Selected Model
Nulls -> New Group"
Nulls -> New Locator"
Lights -> New Spotlight
Lights -> New Directional Light
Exterior Opacity...
Show Extras -> Cameras
Show Extras -> Lights
Show Extras -> Locators
Show Extras -> Decals
Show Extras -> Navigation Overlay
Show Extras -> Information Overlay
Show Extras -> Axis Overlay
Show Extras -> Viewport Grid
Show Guides -> Show All
Show Guides -> Hide All
Show Guides -> Canvas Origin
Show Guides -> Action Safe Region
Show Guides -> Title Safe Region
Show Overlays -> Show All
Show Overlays -> Hide All
Show Overlays -> Panel Name
Show Overlays -> Panel Time Code
Show Overlays -> Panel Focal Length
Show Overlays -> Panel Dialogue
Show Overlays -> Panel Action"
Show Overlays -> Panel Camera
Show Overlays -> Canvas Foreground Overlay
Show Overlays -> Canvas Background Overlay
Show High Quality Pass -> Primary
Show High Quality Pass -> World Space Position
Show High Quality Pass -> World Space Normal
Show High Quality Pass -> Depth
Show High Quality Pass -> Lambertian
Show High Quality Pass -> Specular
Show High Quality Pass -> Misc