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PanelForge 3.0.10:


  • NEW: 'PanelForge Pro' tier complete with activation via 'PanelForge Online' account.
  • NEW: Improved handling of copy/paste of Stage 'attributes' with custom materials between panels.
  • NEW: 'Stage Object Attributes' Material Selection Menu with 'Geometry' objects.
  • NEW: Additional 'Force Stage Layer Regeneration' functionality available from Canvas main menu.
  • FIX: Stage Layer regeneration from Canvas Viewport UI is correct when Stage Viewport UI is not initialised.
  • FIX: 'Copy PanelForge Studio 2.0 License' activation incomplete.
  • FIX: Alembic Export failed with object/geometry labels containing '/' characters.
  • FIX: Project XML 'Current/Selected' Panel Export no longer exports timing/ID data for all Panels.
  • FIX: Possible issue opening a Project with unexpected Panels present.
  • FIX: Remove extraneous error message window during some 'Auto Panel Renaming' operations.

PanelForge 3.0.9:

  • NEW: Stage Magic Transform Tool activity 'Lock' mode.
  • NEW: Improved handling of copy/paste of Stage geometry with custom materials between panels.
  • FIX: Stage Layer generation at some custom Canvas resolutions.
  • FIX: Possible Stage Layer generation issue with custom lighting.
  • FIX: Possible Stage Layer generation graphical glitches.
  • FIX: Stage Light object Shadow-Map clipping settings had no effect.
  • FIX: Window Main Menu Palette Window indicator possibility incorrect.
  • WINDOWS: FIX: Possible offset when moving floating Palettes on monitors with custom DPI.
  • MACOS: FIX: Possible vertical offset of main Workspace Window.
  • MACOS: FIX: Possible 'small' main Workspace Window size on first open.
  • MACOS: NEW: 'PanelForge Connect' Stage Viewport control development preview.
  • BONUSTOOLS: NEW: 'Canvas Layer Names' Usage Spreadsheet.

PanelForge 3.0.8:

  • NEW: Stage Camera 'Look At' and 'Frame' object buttons.
  • NEW: 'Alt' scroll-wheel to zoom into Panel Timeline Palette 'Timeline' view.
  • NEW: Additional Groundwork for restoring PanelForge Pro tier.
  • FIX: Copy/Paste Special of Stage Geometry object Attributes between Panels when a material is unavailable.
  • FIX: Collapsing of some floating 'undocked' Palette Windows.
  • WINDOWS: FIX: Possible Viewport offset with some Multi-Monitors of different DPI configurations.
  • WINDOWS: FIX: Floating 'undocked' Palette Window interactions with some Multi-Monitors of different DPI configurations.
  • MACOS: NEW: OS version check/error message for previous to 10.15 'Catalina'.

PanelForge 3.0.7:


  • NEW: Stage Viewport 'Fast' mode shows Material diffuse colours.
  • NEW: Show Stage Camera 'Look At Point' in Camera display ornament.
  • NEW: Stage Move & Rotate Tools affect Camera 'look at point'.
  • NEW: Run Python Script file main menu item.
  • NEW: Additional Groundwork for restoring PanelForge Pro tier.
  • FIX: Duplicated Stage Materials may not show correct properties.
  • FIX: Possible blank view and other glitches with Stage 'High' view.
  • FIX: Stage scale tool does not affect Camera & Light objects.
  • FIX: Remove Stage Scale Tool incompatible option modes.
  • FIX: Stage Camera light could be disabled in fringe cases.
  • WINDOWS: NEW: Move to NSIS 3.0.8 installer version.
  • WINDOWS: FIX: Palette Windows move fluidly between Multi-Monitors of different DPI.
  • WINDOWS: FIX: Code-sign uninstaller executable.

PanelForge 3.0.6:

  • FIX: Stage Rotate/Scale tools have unexpected results with some settings.
  • FIX: Stage apply object scaling during object hierarchy changes.
  • FIX: Some multiple panel renaming functionality was disabled.
  • FIX: Image File as Panel importing could show additional horizontal repeating.
  • WINDOWS: FIX: Floating Palette window contents not always resizing correctly.
  • NEW: Drag multiple Geometry Assets to Stage Viewport.
  • NEW: Groundwork for restoring PanelForge Pro tier.
  • WINDOWS: NEW: Improved release build procedure.

PanelForge 3.0.5:

  • WINDOWS: NEW: Update Qt to '5.12.11' (previously Qt 5.12.9).
  • WINDOWS: FIX: Windows Tablet Pen Sampling issue.
  • WINDOWS: FIX: Drag out Palette Tab issues with Display Scaling (HiDPI) on Multiple Monitors.
  • WINDOWS: FIX: Connection issue with 'PanelForge Studio' license server.
  • FIX: Stage viewport window size after stage layer regeneration.
  • NEW: Extend 'PanelForge Studio' license server to 48 hours grace period (previously 24 hours).

PanelForge 3.0.4:

  • WINDOWS: FIX: Possible drawing issues with Display Scaling (HiDPI) on Multiple Monitors.
  • WINDOWS: FIX: Possible drawing issues when moving workspace between Multiple Monitors.
  • WINDOWS: NEW: Vertical drawing synchronisation 'VSync' now active (configurable via App Preferences).
  • FIX: Possible graphics artefacts when using Canvas Free/Distort Transform Tools.
  • NEW: Improve Canvas Viewport Tools and Overlay line drawing sharpness.
  • NEW: Can copy installed PanelForge 2.0 license information (with first open prompt).
  • NEW: Drag 'multiple' Image/Layered Image Assets to Panel Thumbnails/Timeline and Canvas Viewport.
  • NEW: Clean up various main menu item locations.
  • FIX: Panel Timeline Palette Toolbar resizing item hiding improved.
  • FIX: Show correct cursors in Canvas Distort Tool Edges.
  • NEW: Improve Web links in the 'Welcome Wizard' window.

PanelForge 3.0.3:

  • FIX: Possible issue during quit with floating (non-docked) Palettes Present.
  • FIX: Canvas Gradient tool 'B Colour' selection is not possible.
  • FIX: PDF Export Panel Background colour not used (regression).
  • NEW: Drag 'multiple' Panel Assets from 'Asset Palette' to Panel Thumbnail/Timeline view.
  • NEW: Panel Auto-Renaming extra granularity options.
  • NEW: Panel Auto-Renaming handle Dynamic/in-between Panel numbering.
  • NEW: Panel Auto-Renaming name Prefix/Suffix retaining.
  • NEW: Panel Auto-Renaming support direct Panel Renaming.
  • NEW: Panel Auto-Renaming support Panel inserting from Imports/Assets.
  • NEW: Panel Auto-Renaming support Panel deleting.
  • MAYATOOLS: Fix issue in Python Script autoloading 'Maya 2022' PanelForge plugin.

PanelForge 3.0.2:

  • WINDOWS: FIX: Image files/asset image channel order again correct.
  • FIX: High-Quality Mode Stage Viewport view again resizable.
  • NEW: Improve Drag and Drop UI response times.
  • NEW: Updated Introduction Welcome Window.
  • NEW: Improved Tooltip text.
  • FIX: Timeline audio waveform previews shown correctly with HiDPI/Retina displays.
  • FIX: 'Panel Timeline' view Panel Drag/Drop UI correct with HiDPI/Retina displays.
  • WINDOWS: Support Windows 11 OS version numbers.
  • WINDOWS: Support opening 'WEBP' image files/assets.
  • WINDOWS: FIX: Layer thumbnail during dragging has correct image channel order again.
  • STUDIO: Export FCP7 Edit XML files export correctly when audio clip files are missing.
  • MAYATOOLS: Support for 'Maya 2022' including new plugin version and an updated python script.

PanelForge 3.0.1:

  • NEW: Improve 'Open Project' progress bar.
  • NEW: Complete 'Introduction Window' contents.
  • NEW: Improve Tab-Bar UIs (Python Script editor Palette).
  • FIX: Open Second/Subsequent Projects regression.
  • FIX: Issues moving Viewports between screens of different DPIs.
  • STUDIO: Remove superfluous Python interpreter files.
  • WINDOWS: Improve visual UI transition between workspaces.
  • WINDOWS: Update 'NSIS' Installer version.
  • WINDOWS: Include latest MS VC++ 'redist' in Installer.
  • MAYATOOLS: Include the latest version.
  • BONUSTOOLS: New 'Stage Object Names' Usage Spreadsheet'
  • BONUSTOOLS: New 'Export 'Route Sheet' CSV Spreadsheet File'

PanelForge 3.0.0: