Project Panel Naming

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The 'Project Panel Naming' Project Settings window provides options to adjust how Panels are named in the current PanelForge Project. Although Panels in PanelForge can be named as anything, a semi-automated naming scheme is applied when creating new and batch renaming Panels.

This settings window can be accessed via the 'Project->Project Settings->Panel Naming...' main menu item when a Project is open in PanelForge.

Any changes made to settings in this window are only applied to new Panels and not existing Panels in the current Project.

Due to this restriction, it is recommended to apply these settings as the first action when creating a new PanelForge Project when a custom scheme is required. These settings are saved only in the current Project. I may be advantageous to use a template PanelForge Project to speed up subsequent Project creation.


Panel Naming Scheme

Defines how new Panels and Panels during batch renaming are named. A series of scheme element codes are used in the naming scheme text which is replaced with the appropriate numbering during a naming operation.


Commonly used naming schemes that can be quickly selected:

  • EP%ep_SC%sc_SH%sh_PN%pn - The PanelForge default, currently the only available preset.
  • Custom - Allow a custom naming scheme to be set in the 'Custom' field below.


Set a custom naming scheme that can include any text and the below 'Scheme Element codes'.

Scheme Element Codes:

These codes can be inserted into the above 'Custom' naming scheme field. The codes will be replaced by the corresponding numbering when in use.

  • %ep - Episode number.
  • %sc - Scene number.
  • %sh - Shot number.
  • %pn - Panel number.

Panel Numbering Scheme

Defines how numbering in the above 'Panel Naming Scheme' is generated. When a new Panel is created the numbers will be set based on these the rules set below and the existing Panels surrounding the new Panel in the Project Panel timeline.


The number used when a new 'Scene' or 'Shot' is created.


When a new 'Scene', 'Shot' or 'Panel' is created how much will the corresponding number be incremented from the last.

Dynamic in-between increments:

If no space is available to create a Panel with the next number increment between the current and next Panel should a Panel be created with a single-digit increment number.


How numbers should be padded with prefixed zero digits to create uniform numbers with the same amount of digits.