Project Panel FPS

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PanelForge uses 'Frame' values to specify the time duration of how long a Panel is shown in the Projects Panel timeline. The Projects 'Frames Per Second' setting defines how the 'Frame' values are converted to time units.

This settings window can be accessed via the 'Project->Project Settings->Panel Frames Per Second...' main menu item when a Project is open in PanelForge.

Any changes made to settings in this window will not adjust frame lengths of existing Panels in the current Project.

In normal circumstances, it is recommended to set these setting in the corresponding field of the New Project dialog window.


Frames Per Second

Commonly used 'Frame per second' values are the following (double the below values are also sometimes used):

  • 24 - Traditional used for 'Motion Picture' features.
  • 25 - The 'PAL' television standard as used in Europe and many other countries of the world.
  • 30 - The 'NTSC' television standard used in North America and some other countries of the world. Also commonly the standard for 'Internet' based productions.