Export PDF

From PanelForge 3 Documentation

The 'PDF' tab of the Export dialog window provides the options to export Panels using a Page Layout template saved to a PDF file. The exported PDF (Portable Document Format) can be viewed and printed with many third-party software applications.

Currently, all exported PDF files use the standard A4 page size.


File Name

The filename the exported PDF file will use. The default is the Project name appended with '_pdf'.

Custom Logo Image

When set to an external image file the 'PanelForge' logo will be replaced with its contents. Use the file import button to the left to display a file import dialog window. The logo image file path can also be set, edited or removed with the text field.


The image resolution will be used for the Panel images embedded in the PDF layout file. Although the traditional 'DPI' (dots per inch) unit is used, 'Pixels' per inch is the actual internal unit type used.


Various predefined page layouts templates with various amounts of Panel image and text information included on each page. An image preview is shown for convenience, an additional summary of each layout type is below:

  • Landscape Grid - 3x3 grid of Panel images captioned below with the Panel's name, duration in frames and camera focal length (when available).
  • Full Page - A single Panel image per page with text overlays composited into each image.
  • Portraint Detailed - Three Panel images vertically captioned the same as 'Landscape Grid' above with additional text captions to the right.