Canvas Menu

From PanelForge 3 Documentation

Follows is a description of the items and functionality provided in the PanelForge ‘Canvas’ main menu bar menu:

Show Canavs
Tools -> Hand (H)
Tools -> Zoom (Z)
Tools -> Paint Brush (B)
Tools -> Eraser (E)
Tools -> Paint Bucket (G)
Tools -> Eyedropper (I)
Tools -> Move (V)
Tools -> Free Transform (Ctrl T)
Tools -> Distort Transform (Ctrl Shift T)
Tools -> Rectangle Select (M)
Tools -> Lasso Select (L)
Tools -> Magic Wand Select (W)
Zoom In (Ctrl Plus)
Zoom Out (Ctrl Minus)
Actual Pixels (Ctrl 1)
Fit View Mode (Ctrl 0)
Exterior Opacity...
Show Exterior Scroll
Show Extras -> Layer Boundaries
Show Guides -> Show All
Show Guides -> Hide All
Show Guides -> Canvas Origin
Show Guides -> Action Safe Region
Show Guides -> Title Safe Region
Show Overlays -> Show All
Show Overlays -> Hide All
Show Overlays -> Panel Name
Show Overlays -> Panel Time Code
Show Overlays -> Panel Focal Length
Show Overlays -> Panel Dialogue
Show Overlays -> Panel Action"
Show Overlays -> Panel Camera
Show Overlays -> Panel Tag Colour
Deselect Selection (Ctrl D)
Edit Quick Mask (Q)
Quick Mask View Settings...
New Layer -> Blank (Ctrl Shift N)
New Layer -> Via Copy (Ctrl J)
New Layer -> Via Cut" (Ctrl Shift J)
Duplicate Layer
Delete Layer -> Selected Layers
Delete Layer -> Hidden Layers
Rename Layer...
Merge Down (Ctrl E)
Merge Visible (Ctrl Shift E)
Flatten Image
Force Stage Layer Regeneration