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PanelForge supports the importing of the widly avalible 'ABR' format brush preset files as used by Adobe Photoshop.

For more information on the supported features that PanelForge can import and use from a 'ABR' file see the Brush Editor documentation.

Note: 'ABR' files do not contain 'flow' amount information. The 'flow' amount will need to be adjusted after selection of a preset.

The following are some of our favourite free brush libraries compatible with PanelForge:

AnalogFeelz Brushes

by Balaskas

Download via

39.5 MB

Analogfeelz brushes by balaskas-d7vti5w.jpg
Digital Oil Brushes

by Andantonius

Download via

4.3 MB

Digital oil brushes free download by andantonius-d9vnwxv.jpg
Basic Brush Set

by GrindGod

Download via

4.2 MB

Basic brush set v3 0 by grindgod-d62dzo3.jpg