Asset Library Creation

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This page is early work in progress draft. Information may be incorrect or incomplete.

An asset library is a computer folder that is linked to the Panelforge project. Within this, you can have multiple levels of folders. Once you’ve created the folders needed you need to populate them with the Assets you wish to include. The lower the size of the asset, the better it should run within the program.

In making an asset library, there's the ability to have multiple levels within the file. Allowing you to create a master folder, with sub-folders. This allows categorising of the asset library.

Simply create a folder where you'd like to store your Asset library (for instance, 'Documents' or 'Desktop' and name it as you wish. Add your sub folders, and then copy across the necessary assets to the correct folders.

Do not rename any folders or assets once being used in a project, this will break the file path. If this does happen Asset Reference Manager can be used to relink the files.

If you're given an asset library from an outside source, do not change the folder names or where assets are within this, as it may break links when your project is sent back to the source studio.